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Led by the vision of making dreams of our customers as valuable as our own, we put our technical expertise to its best use to bring to our customers high quality and yet affordable living. Equipped with years of experience and team of experts who are high quality professionals, Shri Kubera Developers has to its credit quite a few finished projects and many happy customers.

We, at Shri Kubera Developers believe in establishing a trust based relationships with our customers. Our projects are results of through research of market, its current and more importantly future trends.

Shri Kubera Developers wishes to bring the comfort and quality lifestyle of big hubs like Mumbai and Pune to Dhule and its more peaceful environs. Dhule is future city with a lot of return on investment potential. With increased focus of government of developing ‘Smart Cities” we build homes in line of the expectations of residents of this future city.

We cater to all user segments ranging from economic housing to middle class and luxury housing. This goes in line with the expectation that Dhule city will attract a lot of investment and consequently generate many employment opportunities for workers, executives and higher managerial positions. We also cater to super luxury living segment and deal in bungalows as well catering to emerging super affluent class with their penchant for international tastes. The major underpinning of our projects is predicting the markets trends and knowing what the customer would want to see in their homes. Keeping in line with this our projects are started only after through study of the market.

We strive to serve our customers with our unmatched expertise in area of housing and construction.We make this possible with a team of experts who possess expertise in their respective areas, who work together to make your dream of a ‘dream house’ come true.




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